Thursday, October 6, 2011

Remembering A Hero: Steve Jobs

The world lost a genius today - I was sorry to hear about the passing of Apple's Founder Steve Jobs. He proved that you can be successful without a college degree. He pioneered new technology and never settled for anything less than the best. His legacy of Apple computers created a legacy in my own family.

My grandfather started buying computers as early as the II SI (I think) and whenever he upgraded, we always got the old ones. As part of a large family, we appreciated my grandfather’s generosity, insight and advice on all techie things. It was my grandfather who recognized early on the importance of Apple computers and made sure we stayed current on the latest innovations. When the first grandchildren graduated high school in 2001, their present from Granddad and Grandma was an Apple laptop. As the most recent grad I love using my beautiful MacBook, in addition to my iPod Touch. My grandfather passed away suddenly in 2003. The Apple computer was a way to have a tangible connection to someone I loved very much.

I was just moving into my dorm at college when I found out Steve Jobs was stepping down. Today, I was deeply moved when I heard he had passed. I cried. We never know how much we love someone until they are gone. Both Steve and my grandfather have passed on, but I can still feel their presence in many ways. The world is a better place with Apple computers, but today we have lost one of our greatest innovators. Steve Jobs will be missed by many people, including me. New products from Apple aren't the same without the tall, lanky, silver-haired inventor in a black turtleneck. Steve Jobs was an icon and leader in his field. Imagine a world without Apple. I am grateful for the full and fruitful life of Steve Jobs. May God have mercy on his soul.

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