Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Graduation Ideas...

So... in less than a fortnight, I will be graduated! It'll take some effort to get everything thing done with excellence (the way I want it), but hopefully, nothing major will pop up and change our plans.

As is tradition in my family, we have a recital/graduation (with good old Pomp and Circumstance!) and then a party afterwards. Four sisters have gone before me. All but one has had chicken salad and croissants as the main course for the reception. All have gone to the same college.

I think it's time to break with tradition.

Not completely, however. I could never get away with that.

But, as a baker who despises store bought cakes (you know, from the super-grocery-store bakeries with enough butter cream icing to make you gag) I am hopefully going to BAKE MY OWN CAKE.

Not just one, but maybe two or three.

The "main" cake will be a large carrot cake with lemon cream cheese icing, (I can't decide to double or triple the recipe... should it be two layers, or three?, and then I will make two two-layer chocolate round cakes... and maybe a cheesecake with raspberries.

If I could, I would just have a dessert extravaganza instead of a buffet of chicken salad. I mean, wouldn't it be elegant to serve lovely desserts and strawberries with lemonade and tea?

Well, that's my humble opinion.